Tony Thompson  Portrait by  Brian Paulette

Tony Thompson

Portrait by Brian Paulette

Instagram: @tthompsonphoto

I was born and raised in Kansas City along with my 3 other siblings. We grew up in essentially two homes, my parent's house lined with guitars with a dedicated music room and my grandpa's house on the weekends for big family get-togethers. My parent's house was an old bungalow that was later converted to a two-story farmhouse by the farmers that lived there originally. One stair going to the second floor always moves because of the imperfections. There is a tiny room under the stairs that we would use for hide-and-seek. The porches have limestone columns with fossils throughout. My grandpa's house was a classic 1920's Mediterranean-colonial with a multicolored tiled roof located just off Ward Parkway and 59th St. Looking back, it's the intriguing curiosities and feelings from these homes that eventually guided me to architectural photography.

As I evolve, my goal is to capture the feelings that I get at each space. My style is to create a scene that is realistic and artistic. I believe to best capture each location, it needs a dedicated day to capture the full range of light and mood that changes from morning to evening. I encourage the use of people in spaces whenever necessary to capture the human nature of architecture. Thank you for visiting my site today!


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