Day Rate - $800

The rate for a full day of photography is $800. This is about an 8-hour day and can include up to roughly 20 photos depending on the environment. Half-days are available for shoots 4 hours and under. The day rate covers the physical work involved with producing the images. This rate does not include image fees.

Per Image Fees - $80/ea

The fee per image is $80. Includes post production and one extra round of edits. Usage is non-exclusive and is limited to web, social media, small print up to 1/4 page, and editorial. Additional usage for large-scale advertising is priced separately.

Multi-Party Discount

As an incentive for a discount, you may invite other parties (such as project partners) to join purchasing the images for their use before the shoot begins. Discounts are as follows:

1 additional party - 25% discount for you and the other party

2 additional parties - 33% discount for you and the other parties

3 additional parties - 40% discount for you and the other parties

4 … 45%

5 … 50%


Shoot A - Full day ($800), 15 images ($1,200), $2,000 total

Shoot B - Full day, 15 images, 1 additional party. $1,500 per party. ($500 discount for you and the other party)

Shoot C - Full day, 15 images, 2 additional parties. $1,320 per party.

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Often times there are dozens of vendors involved in a project that aren’t interested in all the project images, but just a few after the shoot is completed. These can be flooring companies, furniture manufacturers and distributors, glass companies, contractors, builders, etc.

For each image sold to these other vendors after the shoot, I give a 30% commission to the client that referred me. The per image fees will be higher after shoots as well. Simply share the proofing gallery with these vendors and ask them to contact me if interested in any of the images. The commissions can be applied to our next shoot, or I can send a check.