Inspiration From Home

It was only a couple years ago when I decided to quit my job to pursue a photography business. I had no interest in shooting family portraits, weddings, sexy models or events. Rather it was the fascination with patterns found in architecture that made  me start shooting.

Looking way back I realize that it was the home I grew up in that planted the seeds for the love of architecture. It was originally a one-story farmhouse built in the early 1920's. The second story was added in the 1930's.

We spent many evenings and weekend afternoons watching storms come in on the front porch in the Spring. On both the front and side porches you can see the beautiful stonework. It made my imagination run wild because you could see all the old fossilized shells and other interesting critters peppered throughout the stone.

My favorite details are the beams holding up the porch eaves. They are a little crooked from foundation movements. You'll understand if you have lived near Kansas City. It has a reputation for bi-polar weather. 100 years of scorching summers, windy storms, hail, snowstorms, ice storms and floods will shake things up a bit.