Historic Architecture - The Nelson-Piper Building's Transformation

I was called to get some shots of the historic Nelkon-Piper building for EDCKC's blog. The building is 134 years old as of writing this. Immediately I knew a front twilight shot was in order so I could capture the character of the exterior. I requested that the interior lights stay on until about 5:30pm. The sun set around 5pm the evening I shot it. The benefits of shooting twilights in the winter are you get to shoot and be done before 5:30 instead of 8:30 or 9:00 in the Summer. There's one positive for Winter...

The next day I got to spend a couple hours capturing some of the interior views of the office space doing my best to dodge people and not be a giant distraction. There was no lighting setup here.  That way I could remain stealthy and sneak around getting shots without blasting light into people's spaces.